Discover the nominees for the BKRK award #glass!

At the beginning of 2020 GlazenHuis, together with VAKlab and Bokrijk, launched a call to participate in the BKRK award #Glass. For the BKRK award #Glass we are looking for a creative entrepreneur with a passion for glass, who can show the authentic craftsmanship glass in all its facets through a product, project, service or research. The craftsmanship glass can therefore be included in the broad sense of the word.


50 original and engaging submissions poured in that were judged on the criteria: sustainability and creativity, innovation, connection with Bokrijk, entrepreneurship, storytelling, trends and presentation. The jury chose these 10 candidates, from which the best craftsman or woman will eventually be named at Serax. Their works will be exhibited in GlazenHuis until 10 October.




Crèvecoeur Bea


Bea‘s work is a translation of the world she sees and experiences. The images that she constructs, arranges, ruminates and digests while traveling, take shape in her work. Made of glass, porcelain, textile, recycling material, … Lux-o-graphie is a (room) screen and light object. It is a quest for the emptiness, the essential, the nothingness, the stillness. An investigation into light and shadow. A search for the cadence of life beyond the intrusion of social media. More info about Bea and her work can be found on www.crevecoeurbea.be.





Ruben Deriemaeker


Ruben created a lamp/collection from recycled glass, based on the large glass sections of the MAS Antwerp. In Rubens’s eyes, these glass areas are a sublime piece of art and embody like no other the beauty of the material and its infinite application. ⁠’An ode to the glass of the MAS’. More info about Ruben and his work can be found on www.deri3.be.





Ingelaere Annika


Annika’s project for the BKRK award #Glass focuses on the beauty of pollution. When you zoom out certain landscapes polluted by humans, they often contain an aesthetic beauty, ironic as it may be. When you zoom in it brings out the roughness. Annika tries to make the viewer aware of environmental issues. Her idea is to work large and to pour and blow glass directly into metal (steel, copper, silver) molds. More info about Annika and her work can be found on www.craftbox.be.




Anouck Kuyckx & Thomas Meers


Glass is all around us in everyday life: as building material, kitchen tools, food packaging, beverage storage, garden, interior, … 10% of the glass in circulation is not recycled. BKRK award #Glass selected Anouck Kuyckx and Thomas Meers are conducting a research into how to deal with waste glass. More info about Anouck and Thomas and their work can be found on www.kuyckxmeers.com.




Studio Segers


Product designers Wim Segers, Bob Segers and Tom Fonteyn (together Studio Segers) stand for a no-nonsense approach. Every design goes through a logical design process in which the processing of product requirements is translated into distinctly characterful entities. Their entry for the BKRK award #Glass is a design of an architectural lighting concept that arises from an investigation into the limits of glass where surface, structure and proportion are central. More info about Studio Segers and their work can be found on www.studiosegers.be.




Thomas Myriam


Myriam started her glass art training at IKA in Mechelen in 2011. By using her training as a chemist in researching a new interpretation of existing glass techniques, Myriam gradually developed her own artistic fingerprint. For the BKRK award #Glass, she is researching the process of color formation in window glass with copper and / or copper oxide. More info about Myriam and her work can be found on www.mytglassart.be.




Van Eeckhout Bloe


Bloe combines her most used material with her most loved technique: porcelain and glass blowing. Experiments with glass formers, melting point depressants, porcelain powders, … etc. led to her own chemical composition: ‘BloeGlass’, a glass with a naturally rich, transparent, light blue color. More info about Bloe and her work can be found on www.bloevaneeckhout.com.




Van Kerckhove Lies


The water carafe is regaining its place in today’s household goods. In addition to its functional role, its aesthetics also become important. The design of the carafes that Lies designed for the BKRK award #Glass is a quip to the classic PET bottles: recognizable and original at the same time. The Torum collection consists of 2 different carafes, for different occasions. Both bottles look great on their own, but the unique thing about the Torum carafes is that you can also combine them. Together they become an architectural sculpture. More info about Lies and her work can be found on www.fragmenture.be.




Van Roy Ilse & Viljoen Madeli


Artist duo Ilse Van Roy and Medeli Viljoen look for synergies from their individual practices, so that the sum can be more than the parts. During their participation in the BKRK award #Glass they investigate how they can merge the casting technique and the technique of glassblowing, and the integration of textiles and metals in relation to glass. More info about Ilse and her work can be found on www.ilsevanroy.be. More info about Madeli and her work can be found on www.madeliviljoen.com.




Verschooren Veerle


Veerle participates in the BKRK award #Glass to pay tribute to the vibrant craft of stained glass. Her goal is to do this in an equally sustainable way: by implementing stained glass in the room as a window divider for large glass areas, as a folding screen to create a cozy corner or stylishly furnish a practice room. More info about Veerle and her work can be found on www.veerleverschooren.be


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