Year of glass

We look through the window, we stand in front of the mirror, turn on the lights and put on our glasses, we drink a glass, look at our cell phone, send an email via fiber optic cable through the worldwide web… Glass is everywhere today, so transparent as to become invisible, while 5,000 years ago as an alchemical gemstone it was more valuable than gold.

The United Nations has declared 2022 the “International Year of Glass“. Our region is a key player in the mining of sand and the production of glass. There’s also much to celebrate this year: world player sand mining Sibelco celebrates its 150th anniversary, flat glass producer AGC Mol blows out 100 candles, ‘t Kristallijn opened 25 years ago and GlazenHuis celebrates its 15th anniversary.

The duo exhibition Year of Glass celebrates the essential role of glass in our society. In ‘t Kristallijn we look back at the origins of the Kempen sand and glass industry. In De Vryheyt, next to Glazenhuis, we show the developments in glass that we can no longer imagine doing without.


Free to visit:

  • Weekend of June 11 and 12 from 2 – 5 p.m.
  • Weekend of 18 and 19 June from 2 – 17 p.m.

Only in Dutch


Free to visit:

  • June 25 to October 9 from 10 – 17 p.m.

In Dutch and English